The establishment of the company “DIMAKIS D. GEORGIOΣ” by Mr. Dimakis Georgios, with the main subject of engineering works, marks the beginning of its successful course.


The initial form of the company changes with the establishment of the company “DIMCO S. A. ” which acquires a purely commercial character through the sale of heating and related products.


Λόγω των αυξανόμενων αναγκών απαιτείται η δημιουργία υποκαταστήματος στην ανατολική Θεσσαλονίκη.


Change of name from “DIMCO S. A. ” to “DIMAKIS S. A. “.


Expansion of the business activity throughout Northern Greece as well as throughout the Balkan region. A new distribution centre is created in western Thessaloniki, aiming to meet the growing needs more directly.



Relocation of the branch in eastern Thessaloniki, to new privately owned premises of 800 sq. m.


Η ΔΗΜΑΚΗΣ Α.Ε., εφαρμόζει σύστημα Διαχείρισης ISO 9001:2008.


Seeing the trend of the modern market requirements for the creation of single stores, the strategic decision to expand the facilities in Western Thessaloniki is taken. The creation of a new distribution site is accompanied by the transfer of the headquarters. The 9,500 sq. m. new space houses the head office, a storage area, a showroom and a technical seminar room in which the technical information of its partners is continuous.


The growth of DIMAKIS S. A. continues at a fast pace. By evaluating its internal organization in combination with the external environment, it provides you with proposals for any kind of energy upgrade of heating – water supply – cooling systems.


The bathroom sector is the next station for the new dynamic phase of development of DIMAKIS S. A. This new activity, operating independently but in parallel with the main activity of the company, is added to the effort of continuous search and development. The new store in the city center, bathroom furniture, tiles, sanitary ware, came to be added to the network of DIMAKIS SA, marking the company’s entry into a new attractive sector.

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